How to pass your Driving test in NewYork.(Hand over hand steering)

  • Uploaded On 5 Sep 2015

    Schedule your New York State speed road test Link below.

    If you fail your first test or don"t want to wait 6 weeks for a Road Test appointment in NYS we can get you a road test in 10 days or less.


    This video will give you some tips on how to pass your road test. Hand over hand steering.

    Tips How to pass your New York State road test.

    1.Come about a half an hour before your appointment. Don't sit in the driver's seat when your on line for the test.

    2. Remember the 5 rules before pulling out on to the street 1.put the car in to drive. 2.steer one full turn to left 3.Signals
    4.Side view mirror 5.look over your shoulder (blind spot)when Pulling out.

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