How To Tie a Half Windsor Knot

  • Uploaded On 5 Agu 2016

    Learn How To Tie a Half Windsor Knot.
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    The Half Windsor is a smart every day knot. Use a medium too thin tie for the Half Windsor

    This will give you a neat and symmetrical triangle shape knot.

    Start with the wide end of the tie on the right and the narrow end on the left, like this.

    Pass the wide end over the top of the narrow and tuck it behind and wraps around the back.

    Next take the wide end force it down to the loop and out to the right to form a tight triangle.

    Bring the wide end cross in front of the not moving from right to left.

    This time bring the wide end up to the neck loop between your tie and collar button.

    Tuck the wide end into the loop that you are formed at the front of the tie and pull it down to create the knot.

    To finish it off hold on to the narrow and push the knot up into place

    You can make the knot smaller by pulling down on the wide end

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