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  • Uploaded On 12 Okt 2013

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    Everyone knows that Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 is SO BAD it's practically evil. But did you know that this awful Sonic game is all about the DEVIL? Seriously. Sonic '06 is so terrible, it is possessed by Satan himself. Gaijin Goombah and guest Super PsyGuy explain why.

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    Intro Theme: Spelling Phailer

    Special Music: "Brain Scrap Zone"
    By: Super Psyguy

    Intro and Outro Animation: Spencer EX

    Gaijin Goomba Design: TheGeckoNinja

    Psyguy Design: Gabby Gonzalez

    Backgrounds: TranceEnergy (Tech)

    Thumbnail Image: TheGeckoNinja

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