How To Enter Your 5D Reality- Ritual For New Moon (12/7)& Meditation

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    AUDIO WILL SPIKE UP AT TIMES-- ITS MY DEVICE (i mention this in the video but just incase someone misses it. May hurt your ears w headphones, sorry! Itll be like this for the next week. But it will be all set for next weeks livestream!
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    💜12/21 is the 2012 Galactic Portal- clearing imprints prior to the 2000s and Fall of Atlantis timeline, Maldek destruction timeline & wars on Mars timelines as we move closer tl the new galactic yesr and full transition of the Sun to the Magnetic Sun. And end of a cycle that begin in 2011 for many soul groups with Chiron direct.

    Cant believe this was almost 5hrs😲 Longest live Ive ever done. But I won't be able to upload as much over the rest of the week due to work schedule & family so im glad we did this.

    Ill be posting energy updates through text on Patreon public page (anuone can see public messages, i can post from my phone and i can say stuff i cant say here on yt) for anyone to see if im unable to make a video message on the channel so if theres no post on channel, check Patreon and/or Facebook Aluna Ash Soul Family Page or community tab on Youtube channel❤
    ** We have a massive shift coming December 21st, 2012 galactic portal... any darkness that comes up through emotional body and physical body or directed/projected in whatever way, its due to this next collective shift coming. We are building up to it now. Triggers are meant to happen so we can move past them.. ive def noticed some triggers within myself over the last few days.
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